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PARperfect - Optimal light

levels for each plant,

all year round.


With PARperfect, the shade level in the greenhouse can be adjusted continuously, from 20 to 100%, just like a light dimmer. The solution is based on a combination of screens, of which there are at least two. The bottom screen is the PARperfect climate screen. The high diffusivity of PARperfect ensures that the light is evenly distributed over the plants. This ensures that the crop always receives the correct radiation. PARperfect is ideal for all crops that need to be protected from the bright sun in the summer.

Variable Screens

The position of the screens is continuously adjusted based on the intensity of the sunlight. As a result, the light level at crop level can be kept constant regardless of the season and/or the time of day. The special feature of this is that thanks to the very high diffusivity of PARperfect, the light distribution at the crop level is optimal. Every plant receives an equal amount of light. This variable screening is done based on a PAR light control in the climate computer. Svensson’s consultants assist growers by explaining and implementing the system in the climate computer.


The - now proven - PARperfect solution offers several advantages:

  • Every plant receives exactly the right light level under all circumstances. 
  • A higher PAR sum of natural light is possible.
  • Direct sunlight on the crop is excluded, which prevents crop damage.

This results in greater uniformity, crop acceleration, product quality, and fewer assimilation lighting hours, ultimately creating lower costs.

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